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The Team:

Stubborn & Steeds

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Rebecca Rose

(aka Stubborn)

Bec is a zoologist, equine massage therapist, and physiotherapist (among other things) who has owned and ridden horses for over 30 years. Bec has lived and worked in remote locations across Africa and Australia in her life as a zoologist and is always looking for something new and exciting to do with her life. Bec loves the great outdoors and spends all her spare time with her horses and other pets.  She is definitely the stubborn part of the trekking party, having developed the idea for this trek whilst recovering from her second spinal surgery in June 2018.

The moment he saw an apple in my


(aka Dust/ Dust-buster/ Dust-man)

Dusty is a 12-year-old, 15hh Percheron cross.  He has been a part of Bec's family since 2016.  His favourite things in life are food, food, and more food!  Bec's most common comment to Dusty is: "Not edible, mate." Dusty dislikes traveling in horse floats (we are working on this!).  Dusty will be Bec's riding horse on the Big Horse Trek in 2020. 

So...this unexpectedly happened. Oops!


(aka Tys/ Tysie)

Tyson was purchased specifically for Big Horse Trek in November 2018.  He is a 15.2hh, 7-year-old Percheron cross.  Tyson is a super-friendly horse who oozes charm.  He is happy-go-lucky, loves being around people, and is always willing to please!  Tyson is going to fill the role of packhorse for Big Horse Trek.  

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