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Support Cancer Research

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One of the main goals of Big Horse Trek is to raise money for Love Your Sister, an amazing Australian charity dedicated to raising as much money as possible to cancer research.  The initial goal of Big Horse Trek is to reach $ 53 300 (i.e. $10 per 1km of the BNT, which was the original trekking plan until drought and bushfires re-directed Bec to the Tasmanian Trail).  100% of fundraising monies will go to the Love Your Sister charity.  Running costs for Big Horse Trek are being covered by Bec and some amazing sponsors


Big Horse Trek also aims to bring further awareness to early detection of cancers.  If at least one person is made more aware of the signs and symptoms of various cancers and gets early intervention, then this goal will be met. 


Why Big Horse Trek is supporting cancer research


In 1996 Bec’s father, Jack, lost a short battle with cancer.  There were a number of signs and symptoms months before Jack’s diagnosis that were not detected.  Would early detection have changed things?  Who knows.  But what we do know is that cancer research has come a long way since the 90’s, and this has filtered down into improved patient outcomes, improved medications, improved treatment options, and improved survival rates.  Supporting cancer research will assist in furthering these developments into the future. 


Raising awareness of early detection for a variety of cancers may help someone get treatment early, improve their survival rate and assist in their quality of life.  If Big Horse Trek can help just one person in this way, then this will be a success. 

A bit about Love Your Sister

"Oh, that's the charity with the actor who rode a unicycle around Australia, right?"

Yep, that's the one! Bec has already fielded this comment (slightly paraphrased) on no less than two occasions.  


Love Your Sister was founded by siblings Connie and Samuel Johnson.  Well-known Australian actor Samuel (OAM) spent a year unicycling around Australia in 2013-2014 as a dare from his terminally ill sister Connie.  Their goal was to raise awareness and $1M for Breast Cancer research, which they more than achieved. 


The charity has only grown from there, expanding into raising money for all types of cancers.  Love Your Sister reached an amazing milestone in August 2019, raising a whopping $10M for cancer research.


If you want to support an honest and authentic volunteer charity that does not take money out of donations/ sales (for anything but merchandise production costs), then this is the charity to support. 


Help Big Horse Trek raise $53 300 for Love Your Sister

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Donate via the

Big Horse Trek Fundraising page


SMS the word 'BIGHORSETREK' to 0437 371 371 to donate

Help Love Your Sister raise money for cancer research 

Click on the Donate button to be directed to Big Horse Trek's online fundraising page for Love Your Sister.  If by happy coincidence, Big Horse Trek leads you to check out the Love Your Sister website, feel free to donate some dosh or purchase some awesome merchandise (just make sure to tell 'em Bec sent you).

SMS the word 'BIGHORSETREK' to 0437 371 371 to donate

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