Run Melbourne 28th July, 2019

When I was planning out 2019 back in December 2018 I decided to enter the 10km fun run at Run Melbourne.  There I was thinking it would be good motivation to get fit.  Well, here we are in May (as I write this), and I am less fit than I was back in December (I think- maybe!).  

So, for my own motivation, I have decided to add Run Melbourne to my fundraising efforts for Love Your Sister.  

If you would like to support me and give me a bit of motivation to train and run my little heart out in my first ever fun run (and first ever 10km!), please either follow the direct link to my Run Melbourne fundraising page, or donate to my Big Horse Trek fundraiser for Love Your Sister (and leave a note to say it's for Run Melbourne!). 

It might just seem like another running event, but this is quite a big thing for me.  Until my second spinal in June 2018, I struggled with running (and even walking) for almost 10 years while I was dealing with spondylolisthesis in my lumbar spine (and subsequently Baastrup's Disease which followed my first spinal surgery in 2012).  

The fact I can now run (and walk, sleep, and function in life) essentially pain-free is life-changing for me. It's part of the reason I decided to do Big Horse Trek.  Anyway, any support greatly appreciated:

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Big Horse Trek's goal is to raise at least $53 300 for cancer research via the Love Your Sister charity.  This equates to $10 per 1km Australia's Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) - the trail that Bec originally planned to complete in it's entirety with her horses before the ongoing drought and bushfires necessitated route changes.  But helping raise money for cancer research has not changed.  So please click on the 'Donate' link below to be redirected to the donations page. 


Or SMS the word 'BIGHORSETREK' to 0437 371 371 to donate (Australia only).


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