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Go Fund Me

Making a big project like this happen is extremely expensive (think well in excess of $50 000!).  Especially when starting from almost scratch with all of the equipment I need (as well as purchasing horses and paying for ongoing agistment, horse feed, etc).  As much as I tried to rely solely on my income in the lead up to the trek and finding enough sponsors, it's was not enough. 

With all of the drought and bushfire trail closures, I had to devise a new plan, but was still too limited with funds to do anything too big that was not the BNT.  

I am now (as of 18th March 2020) only a few weeks off departure date, and would still be grateful for any financial assistance to help with my running costs of horse feed, veterinary first aid kit (still to purchase), food for myself, accommodation costs along the way, as well as horse transport costs to and from the trail. It would also assist 


If you can spare a few dollars, I begrudgingly set up a Go Fund Me page.  Any help/support is greatly appreciated!  Bec

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