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About Big Horse Trek

A very ordinary girl trying to create something just a little bit extraordinary

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Follow Bec and her horses as she embarks on a long-distance horse trek in Australia.  Her original plans to travel the full 5 330km of the Bicentennial National Trail down the east coast of Australia has been put on hold due to severe drought and bushfires, but Bec has come up with Plan G!  She will now take two horses (Dusty and Tyson) on a 400km trek-tackular adventure through Victoria.  She hopes to raise a hoof-load of money for the Love Your Sister charity, supporting cancer research.   



The goals of this trek are to bring awareness to all Australians about early detection of cancer and to raise $53 300 for cancer research ($10 per 1km of the BNT).  All fundraising money will go to the Love Your Sister charity.  



The idea for Big Horse Trek was born in an unlikely place: lying on a bed, in a small bedroom in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne.  A semi-bed-bound Bec was recovering from a second major spinal surgery at the time and decided she needed some changes: change in the world, change in her world, to make a positive impact, to leave a positive legacy, to pay tribute to her late father, to pay tribute to the countless family, friends, and strangers impacted by cancer, to make memories, to live a full life.  So with a bit of gumption, a lot of stubbornness, and a dash of determination, the idea for a long distance horse trek to raise money for cancer research was born in July 2018. 



A humble warning to anyone recovering from surgery, or anyone with a lot of time of their hands: take care of where your imagination takes you, and what dreams your mind concocts.  They might just lead to something truly amazing! 




Such a big project requires a huge amount of planning and preparation, which is why almost two years were set aside to make sure the trek can be a successful one.  After 10 years of sub-par health, Bec became extra determined to prove to herself, and the world, that no matter who you are, where you have come from, or what you look like, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. 


And although the original epic trek route is not possible anymore due to trail closures as a result of drought and bushfires,  Bec hopes that Big Horse Trek, in it's smaller form, will still achieve it's goals.

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How can you help?


Bec would love as many people as possible to get involved with Big Horse Trek.  There are a number of ways you can show your support:





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