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Bec & her two horses embark on a long-distance (>400km) horse trek through Victoria, Australia to raise money for cancer research via the Love Your Sister charity

Copyright Rebecca Rose 2019

Bec and her horses Dusty & Tyson trek over 400km to raise a hoof-load of money for cancer research



Trek Postponed due to COVID-19

Stay tuned for more details

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Who knows how old these rusty horseshoes
Watching the roos.
Sometimes we need to be pointed in the _
facebook_untitled (4)
All the feels this morning with a glorio
The moment he saw an apple in my hand
_When you feel like a leaf trapped in th
The food fiend (aka Dusty) doing his pos
Stunning afternoon potter along the Yarr
Shut the front gate!
Paddock bliss.
Monday morning paddock sunrise with some
A pensive Dusty.
Look up.
Look at that beard! So hairy!!
Winter sun
The vacuum cleaner.
Learning to pose like his mate does.
Horse yawns are the best yawns.
First ride since the surgery! 6 weeks to
Dusty you sexy wind-swept hairy beast!
Dirty rotten scoundrel enjoying a naked
Completely unedited
Alien_ Nah just Dusty's shnoz and money
Welcome to Big Horse Trek

Welcome to Big Horse Trek

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